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Why Your Online Presence Matters

online presenceGoogled Yourself Lately? What did You Find about Your Online Presence?

Student, Educator, Small Business, Freelancer, Independent Contractor, Self-Employed, Aspiring Entrepreneur, Blogger, Hobbyist no matter who you are or what you do it seems that everyone has a website these days.  Heck, even my 10 year old has a website.  In a time where Google is a verb in the dictionary as well the authority on search engines it seems that if you want to spread the word on whatever it is you do you or whoever you are, you need to be online.  Being online means you have an online presence whether you are active on social media or have a website, your online presence matters.

Nowadays people can Google you and find all sorts of information, from public records to social media posts.  How you represent yourself online is your online presence.  This can make a difference on what you do, whether you are looking to get hired for a job or trying to make a sale. Your online presence will become your personal brand.  People will look for you and/or your brand online to see what you have to say and even more importantly what has been said about you.  Therefore to set the tone of your online presence you need to start with your Website and your Social Media accounts.

A Website has evolved from a static business card to an interactive portfolio where you display your expertise and interact with your readers/visitors through blogs and other added functionalities. In this fast moving society where information is expected with one click, your website has to look good, be up to date and be accessible through a computer as well as mobile devices.

Social Media has become the virtual world’s form of traditional networking and online presencesocializing. While it doesn’t replace physically socializing with others in your field or business it can expand your network significantly.  And with the increase in social media platforms since AOL introduced to us the famous “You Got Mail” phrase along with AIM instant messenger, you need to make sure you are part of the social media world that exists.  Understanding there’s an overwhelmingly large number of social media platforms out there, knowing which are the most popular and who is your target audience should determine where you invest your efforts.

Now, I’m not saying that being active on social media will make you instafamous – as young kids say these days – but it will allow you to start a conversation with others that share your interests or want your product/service.  Neither does having a website will get you to the coveted #1 spot in Google – no matter how much you dabble on SEO – but providing good continuous content can make you a reliable source online.  And remember, in the same way that word of mouth from a trusted source can get you an interview for a job or a product endorsement, having a solid website and interacting with people through social media will position you as a trusted source online within your social media circles.

So go ahead, Google yourself or business and see what comes up, then take control of your online presence.  And if you want more than free when taking control of your website, check out, a perfect solution if you are short in time and money.  I say this with confidence because I’m not only part of PixemWeb, I’m also a client!