10 of the Most Important Things I’ve learned in my years in education. When I started working in schools I was about 21 years old and my first job was as a day to day substitute teacher.  Today, I amContinue Reading

Last time I had a baby was ten years ago and diapers seemed to be a lot simpler, as a matter of fact everything seemed to be simpler, perhaps because there were less options.  Now, a decade later, I findContinue Reading

google search

Googled Yourself Lately? What did You Find about Your Online Presence? Student, Educator, Small Business, Freelancer, Independent Contractor, Self-Employed, Aspiring Entrepreneur, Blogger, Hobbyist no matter who you are or what you do it seems that everyone has a website theseContinue Reading

Goal Setting 2015

3 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work We are well into January and if you haven’t already flopped your New Year’s resolutions you have probably cheated at least once. So by now you know New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work!Continue Reading

Snark World Adventures: Fall in New York One of my favorite seasons is Fall and lucky for me I live in the best place to enjoy this beautiful season – New York!  Going to Barton Orchards in the fall hasContinue Reading

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