Holidays are a time of fun, family and friendship. But, not for everyone. The holiday season can be filled with tension, drama and anxiety. Maybe you’ve had the year from hell or went through major life changes. Or you mayContinue Reading

Family Fun Beach Sunday at Sherwood Island State Park, Westport Connecticut Beach Day is a staple activity of summer fun.  Back in the day I would just pack a towel, sunglasses a book and sun tan lotion.  As a mom,Continue Reading

To pay or not to pay that is the question The first thing a person usually does when they get a business idea is go online to get a website. You Google your idea, you even search for domain namesContinue Reading

What’s the deal with lemons? We hear all sort of sayings about life handing you lemons. When Life Hands you Lemons…     Make Lemonade     Keep them, because, Free Lemons     Throw them back!     AddContinue Reading

  Have you ever found yourself in the Land of Make Believe? Answer this, do you have Dreams or Goals? Maybe you don’t think the Land of Make Believe really exists.  No, it is NOT a theme park and I’mContinue Reading

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